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Marina Rules & Regulations

By docking or reserving a slip at the Conch Inn & Marina, Boat Owner acknowledges and agrees to the following rules, policies and terms:


The Conch Inn & Marina cannot guarantee a particular slip, even with a confirmed reservation. However, we will do our best to accommodate all requests. Rates are based on length of vessel from bow pulpit to swim platform; rafted boats do not receive discounted rates.


Slip Changes/Boat Trips

Due to the size of our marina, we may have to move a marina guest to another slip to accommodate another vessel. If this does occur marina staff will assist to minimize the inconvenience caused. The Conch Inn & Marina will do our best to minimize this occurrence.


Electric Charges

Electricity services are metered and charged daily at a rate of $0.75 cents per kwh. It is the responsibility of the Captain to verify meter readings at check-in.


Water Charges

Water is metered and charged at a rate of $0.10 cents per gallon. A dock hand will take an initial reading; please make sure this is done prior to connecting. Water usage is billed at checkout.



All garbage must be properly bagged and tied before it is disposed of in trash receptacles. Please DO NOT leave trash in the dock carts or any other area on the docks or marina property.


Late Check-outs

Check-out time is 12:00pm. Check-in time is 12:00p.m. Late check-outs or early check-ins are available but are not always possible depending on the time of year. This must be approved by the Dock Master.



There is ABSOLUTELY NO FISHING allowed in the marina – including from the dock or vessels at the marina. All guests are responsible for knowing the Bahamian fishing regulations.



Please be considerate of your fellow marina guests and keep all music to a reasonable level. Any music must be off or at a low level after 9 p.m. If your neighbors can hear it or are bothered by it then please be considerate and turn the volume down. Boat Owners, captains, crew, and their guests should use the utmost discretion so as not to create a nuisance or disturbance in the marina area.


Drone Use

Please be conscious of drone use on marina property due to personal privacy and safety concerns. By law, the use of drones in the Bahamas requires a permit and registration with the Bahamas Civil Aviation. BASR schedule 72



The Conch Inn & Marina is a NO-WAKE ZONE; no vessel shall operate within the marina basin so as to create a wake.



Dogs must be kept on the leash and cleaned up after.



Vessel maintenance or repair activities that may result in any discharges or release of fuel, oils or greases associated with engine or hydraulic repairs, and the release of metal-based bottom paints associated with hull scraping, cleaning and painting is prohibited. Overboard discharge of heads or holding tanks is strictly forbidden.


Damage to Dock or Marina

Any damage caused to our dock system will be the responsibility of the vessel involved. It is the Captain’s responsibility regardless of weather/marine conditions to be cautious while maneuvering inside the marina. Damages will be charged at the local rate of repair/replacement costs.


Damages to Vessels while docked or docking

The Conch Inn & Marina is not responsible for damages to any vessel while docking or docked at the marina. While we try to address any issues as often and quickly as possible, any loose planks, protruding bolts, etc. can be a hazard to rub rails and gelcoat. It is the responsibility of the captain/crew to protect the vessel from any hazards and periodically make adjustments to lines and fenders while the vessel is at the Conch Inn & Marina.



The Conch Inn & Marina assumes no responsibility for and shall not be liable for the care, protection and security of the Boat. Use of the Boat Slip or any other Marina facilities is at the sole risk of Boat Owner. Boat Owner acknowledges and agrees that the Conch Inn & Marina shall not be liable to Boat Owner by reason of any intrusion, theft, vandalism, arson or other criminal acts of any kind or degree on or about the Boat, whether on land or by water.


Insurance / Indemnity

The Boat Owner must have HULL AND LIABILITY INSURANCE IN EFFECT DURING THE TIME THE BOAT is at the Conch Inn & Marina. This insurance should also provide for cleanup of any environmental contamination caused by Boat Owner or vessel, including but not limited to oil, gas, or paint spills. Boat Owner is well aware that the consideration paid to the Marina for berthing his/her vessel is disproportionately small in comparison to the value of the vessel and equipment involved, and Boat Owner is further aware of the various types of risks that are associated with the berthing, handling and other work performed on his/her vessel while at the Marina premises. Therefore, Boat Owner understands and agrees that the Conch Inn and Marina and, its agents and employees, are not responsible for loss, damages, or personal injury to Boat Owner, its employees, guests, agents or his/her vessel or equipment thereon; including but not limited to damage caused by wind, water, collisions, fire, theft, storm, acts of God, or the work of independent contractors. The Boat Owner agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the Conch Inn & Marina and its agents, owners and employees harmless in the event of any third-party claims for such occurrences.


Limitation of Liability

In the event that Boat Owner experiences a damage which the Conch Inn & Marina is found to be liable for by an authority holding jurisdiction, the Conch Inn & Marina shall only be liable up to the actual amount paid by Boat Owner for the current slip rental/reservation.



Boat Owner is responsible to make suitable arrangements for safe sheltered anchorage during severe weather, including but not limited to tropical storms or hurricanes, and Boat Owner warrants such arrangements have or will be made. Boat Owner may not assume that Company’s premises will be safe, sheltered anchorage during such period. In the event of impending severe weather or an emergency, the Conch Inn & Marina in its sole discretion, reserves the right, but not the responsibility, to move or evacuate the Boat or take such other actions as Company deems appropriate at Boat Owner’s sole risk and expense. UNDERTAKING TO MOVE OR EVACUATE THE BOAT SHALL NOT BE DEEMED AN ASSUMPTION OF RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE SAFETY, SECURITY, AND CARE OF THE BOAT BY COMPANY. COMPANY SHALL NOT BE DEEMED A BAILEE OF THE BOAT. Boat Owner agrees to reimburse Company for any and all costs it incurs on Boat Owner’s behalf in emergency situations.



Violation of any of the rules and regulations or any misconduct or immoral or offensive behavior by a vessel owner, its captain, crew or such tenants invitees, licensees or agents, which might injure a person, cause damage to property, be considered in bad taste or cause harm to the reputation of the Conch Inn & Marina, will be cause for immediate removal from the marina of the vessel and persons in question and will be deemed sufficient reason to deny future requests for dockage. In the event of removal, any amounts paid by Boat Owner shall be non-refundable.

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